About Us

Created by two fitness fanatics who were on the looking for ways to improve their own muscle recovery quality & time.

We were looking for something to give us a natural edge.

That didn't have negative effects like bloating from protein powders or skin tingling pre-workouts full of crap bulking ingredients. 

We wanted something that promoted and aided our recovery, was healthy and beneficial at the same time. 

Endless browsing and research later...

We discovered numerous nutrients, essential oils and the POWER of CBD (Cannabidiol) and realised there was no one or nothing out there providing what we learnt.

So we decided to create our own and..


Our core focus is improving muscle recovery end of!

You won't find chemical fueled muscle pumping products , T-booters  or pre-workouts that make you shake in the gym!

We're here to to help you reach your fitness goals naturally and healthily while keeping you feeling and looking your best on your way to the top!

Plus! Giving you the kick you need to stay motivated when you need it.

Join Us!

As we strive to be the UK brand that gives you the best when it comes to your muscle recovery and fitness goals.

Faster Recovery - Faster Results - Vitlete.